Online Training and Courses


Diverse Dogs offers online virtual consultations, combining the convenience of remote access with the benefits of private coaching. Through virtual platforms and video conferencing, dog owners can connect with Tim to receive personalised guidance and support. These consultations provide many of the same advantages as private coaching, including individual attention, tailored strategies, and in-depth expertise. With flexible scheduling and the ability to connect from anywhere, Diverse Dogs' virtual consultations offer a convenient and effective solution for dog owners seeking professional guidance and assistance.


Diverse Dogs' online courses offer dog owners and enthusiasts a convenient and immersive learning experience. With engaging video lessons and interactive exercises, these courses cover a wide range of topics from basic obedience to specialised skills. Accessible anytime, anywhere, our online courses allow learners to progress at their own pace while providing personalised feedback and a supportive community. Join Diverse Dogs' online courses to acquire valuable knowledge, enhance your training skills, and unlock the full potential of your canine companion.

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