Tim is a former QLD Corrective Services tactical response dog handler and instructor with 13 years’ experience training and handling tactical response and drug detection dogs in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Driven by his personal experiences in the transformative power of the canine-human bond, Tim established Diverse Dogs Pty Ltd to help dog owners create consistent and reliable behaviours in their dogs whilst opening their awareness to the potential for a deeper and more meaningful connection.

With his exceptional background and experience, he brings a unique set of skills and depth of knowledge that surpasses your average dog trainer. Tim's approach to dog training is a unique blend of science-based methods, leadership principles, and a deep understanding of the importance of genetic fulfilment and connection. By incorporating evidence-based techniques, Tim ensures that his training methods are effective and grounded in proven principles. He emphasizes the significance of leadership in guiding dogs and creating a strong foundation of trust and respect.

Tim recognises the value of providing opportunities for genetic fulfillment, allowing dogs to engage their innate instincts and participate in activities that promote their overall well-being. Moreover, Tim acknowledges the importance of conscious awareness and connectedness, both between humans and dogs and within ourselves, fostering a
deeper understanding and connection between all parties involved. This unique integration of science-based training and philosophical awareness enables Tim to provide a holistic and transformative experience for both dogs and their owners, promoting effective behaviour change, well-being, harmonious relationships, and the unleashing of each dog’s full potential.


At Diverse Dogs, we pride ourselves on being a conscious business that goes beyond conventional dog training. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique needs of dogs and their owners, as well as the importance of fostering a harmonious connection between them. We are committed to promoting the well-being of both dogs and their human companions. We believe in honouring the diversity that exists among different breeds, temperaments, and personalities, recognizing that each dog and owner is an individual with specific needs and preferences. Our training solutions are tailored to accommodate this diversity and provide effective, compassionate, and holistic approaches to behaviour modification and training.

Through our coaching, we empower owners to develop the leadership qualities necessary to inspire their dogs to look to them for direction. We teach assertiveness, consistency, and effective communication techniques that promote a sense of trust, security, and assurance
in dogs. This foundation of trust then becomes the pathway to a more meaningful connection.

Central to our philosophy is the understanding that dogs thrive when their genetic needs are met. We emphasize the importance of genetic expression, allowing dogs to engage in activities that align with their natural instincts and drives. By providing outlets for play, exploration, and fulfilling activities, we empower dogs to lead balanced and content lives.

Moreover, we acknowledge the vital role of the human-dog bond and the impact it has on overall well-being. We recognize that the energy and emotional connection between owners and their dogs are crucial factors in achieving a harmonious relationship. Our coaching not only focuses on training dogs but also guides owners in deepening their connection and attuning to their own emotional state. We offer guidance and support to help owners respond to their dogs’ needs with leadership, empathy, and understanding.

At Diverse Dogs, we believe that dog training is not merely about obedience but encompasses the holistic well-being of both dogs and owners. By embracing diversity, honouring genetic needs, fostering emotional connections, and operating as a conscious business, we aim to create a positive and transformative experience for every client.


At Diverse Dogs, our values guide everything we do. We are driven by a deep passion for dogs and a commitment to their well-being, while also recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of conscious choices. Our core values reflect this consciousness:


We approach every dog and owner with a compassionate mindset, recognizing their individual needs, experiences, and emotions. We prioritize kindness, empathy, and understanding in all interactions.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, acting with honesty, transparency, and accountability. We strive to align our actions with our values and make conscious choices that benefit the well-being of dogs, their owners, and the environment.


We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our training and services. We continuously educate ourselves, staying informed about the latest scientific advancements and practices in dog training, and applying this knowledge to provide exceptional experiences for our clients.


We believe in the power of collaboration and working together with our clients as partners. We actively listen to their needs, concerns, and goals, and collaborate to develop personalized training plans that honour the unique qualities and individuality of each dog.


We value personal and collective growth, constantly seeking opportunities to expand our knowledge, skills, and perspectives. We remain open to learning, feedback, and new insights, ensuring that we continue to evolve as professional dog trainers and individuals.

Conscious awareness

We embody conscious awareness in all aspects of our work. We value the interconnectedness of all beings and approach our interactions with dogs, clients, partners, and ourselves with mindfulness and intention.


With these core values as our foundation, we are dedicated to creating a transformative and holistic experience for dogs and their owners. By embodying compassion, integrity, excellence, collaboration, growth, and conscious awareness, we strive to nurture the unique qualities of each dog and foster harmonious relationships. We aim to inspire and empower owners to become confident leaders for their dogs, while promoting their well-being, happiness, and overall quality of life. At Diverse Dogs, we are committed to making a positive impact in the world of dog training and fostering a conscious and compassionate connection between humans and their canine companions.