Diverse Dogs offers dog training solutions all over the Gold Coast and border towns of NSW.  We often have people meet us in Yatala who come from Brisbane wanting to work with us. We can also offer virtual and online options for people outside these areas.

Yes we do, it’s called Diverse Dogs Puppy Life Skills Program.

Puppy life skills is not your average puppy school. It is a comprehensive 5 week program that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to raise a confident and balanced dog. Our puppy school classes are also limited to small groups of 5 people to ensure we can cater for the individual needs of every owner and dog on each course. We also offer an exclusive private puppy development program where you will receive one on one coaching and a tailored approach specifically for your individual puppy. You can book private coaching directly through the website or contact us for more information about our classes. 

Yes! Of course every dog is unique and some dogs and behaviours are more complex and more difficult than others, however we have the experience and expertise to help find the best strategy and training options for you and your dog, no matter how big the challenge. Call us today to talk to us about your situation.

Yes we do. Tim has a lot of experience dealing with ‘aggressive’ and ‘difficult dogs’ . Aggression can be a very serious and stressful problem for both the owner and the dog. Understanding your dogs aggression and what triggers it is key in order to know how to help them. Some aggression issues with dogs can be genetic (Such as predatory aggression), and others based from a fear related response to certain triggers. We can assess your dog and provide some strategy and training to you on how to move forward. Our approach will consider leadership and safe management practices first, which will then pave the way to get to the core of the problem from an emotional perspective for your dog. Diverse Dogs can work with you to develop strategies for your individual circumstances and provide you with clear and realistic expectations on your situation. Book  our private coaching option if you have an aggressive dog you would like us to help you with. Group classes will not be suitable for them. 

Yes! We have helped many dogs and their families get on top of reactivity. There are many approaches and the strategy we recommend will be based on your individual circumstance including your dog, the type of reactivity they are displaying and also you as the leader. Please book our private coaching options for help with reactivity, as they will not be suitable for group classes in the first instance. 

Yes. We run two different obedience classes. Obedience Foundations is for people who need help with the basics and Obedience Progressions is for those who have mastered the basics and looking to challenge their dog and themselves for higher level obedience skills. (Can we put a learn more button here and direct them to the group training page?)

Yes! We have helped many owners and their dogs with effective strategies to reduce anxiety. We have a holistic approach to helping dogs and owners overcome anxiety related behaviours, which includes leadership, building self confidence and opportunity for genetic expression. Book our private coaching options if you would like help with an anxious dog as they may not be suitable for our classes in the first instance.

We often get feedback from our clients that we are able to help them achieve results quickly where other trainers have not been able to. Tims unique experience and deep understanding of dog behaviours and their needs sets him apart from others. If you are unsure but curious to know if we could help you after others have fell short, give us a call for a free talk about your situation prior to booking. 

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