Puppy Development


Puppy development is a crucial phase in a dog’s life, and we prioritize providing comprehensive support and guidance during this period. Puppy development with Diverse Dogs focuses on establishing leadership and boundaries, proper socialisation and environmental adaptability, social manners, essential life skills acquisition, building confidence and the importance of bonding and genetic expression.

Puppy Development Options

We can work with you and your puppy as part of a private coaching package or you can join our weekly 'Puppy Progressions' Classes.

This class provides a comprehensive learning environment for puppies and owners, covering leadership, learning principles, behaviour shaping, socialisation, genetic enrichment, toilet training, building self-confidence, engagement, communication, connection and genetic fulfilment needs.

By participating in group classes, puppies and owners benefit from a comprehensive learning experience that covers essential aspects of puppy development within a supportive community.

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