Private Coaching


The first step for private coaching with Diverse Dogs is to book a Private Coaching (Single Session). You can do this with the BOOK NOW button. During this crucial first meeting, we take the time to listen to your insights and gather information about your dog's history, behaviour patterns, and any specific challenges you may be facing. We delve into your dog's behaviours, activity levels, outlets for play and expression, and overall lifestyle to get a holistic view of their daily routine. We will also be evaluating your leadership dynamic and existing management strategies to get a deep understanding of your relationship with your dog, which will enable us to provide you with the best advice moving forward. Understanding your unique circumstances with your dog including your communication, the environment, social interactions, and experiences helps us identify any underlying factors that may be influencing their behaviour.

By gaining a deep understanding of both you and your dogs strengths, challenges, and preferences, we can create a personalised coaching plan that addresses your needs and helps you to reach your full potential together. Our commitment to this initial consultation & assessment ensures that our private coaching sessions are effective, efficient, and perfectly suited to your dog’s unique characteristics. Book this option if you are a brand new client.


During our first session together, you will receive some initial advice on how to manage and commence strategies for the behaviour changes you seek and will be shown how to start laying some important communication foundations necessary for ongoing training. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your initial session into one of our discounted training packages so you can have an immediate plan for continued support. Your training package may include continued private coaching lessons, our very popular Walk & Train sessions (We do it for you) or in many cases a combination of both private coaching and walk and train sessions. We will guide you in effectively responding to your dog's behaviours, empowering you to become a confident and influential leader. You can learn more about our training packages on the 'Our Rates' Page. But don't worry, we will discuss the most appropriate options for you at the initial session, and then include your first session as part of that package, so you can instantly save. In addition to training, we emphasise the importance of providing outlets for your dog's genetic fulfilment. Our coaching sessions will incorporate activities that allow your dog to engage in their natural instincts and behaviours in a controlled, structured and safe way. A fulfilled dog is a content dog and a content dog is a relaxed and happy dog.

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