At Diverse Dogs Pty Ltd, our mission is to empower owners to become confident leaders for their dogs whilst creating deeper connections with them, ultimately enabling them to live better lives together.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique needs of dogs and their owners, as well as the importance of fostering a harmonious connection between them.


We are professional dog trainers who believe in the combined power of leadership, connection, and genetic fulfillment to influence the behaviour changes you seek. Our training solutions accommodate the diversity in dogs and owners to provide effective, compassionate, and holistic approaches to behaviour modification and training.


Australian Company

Diverse Dogs Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company. We are fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity.


We service areas in Southern Gold Coast and Northern NSW from Burleigh Heads in QLD to Ocean Shores NSW. People outside these areas could travel to us or have an online consultation.


Through our community, we strive to create a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the well-being and happiness of their dogs.

Expert Guidance

Tim’s unique experience and coaching style creates a positive and enriching experience for owners, enabling them to achieve remarkable results.


Our commitment to service is unwavering. We go above and beyond to provide exceptional care, support, and expertise to our clients.


We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, their dogs, and the goals we set together.


Tim is a former QLD Corrective Services tactical response dog handler and instructor with 13 years’ experience training and handling tactical response and drug detection dogs in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. In January 2022 Tim transitioned from this career and has been leveraging his expertise in canine leadership and connection to work with pet dog owners, aiming to improve behaviours and helping them to live better lives together.


Tim was fantastic to work with. His experience was evident from day dot and he was very clear and detailed in his explanations. He seeks deep understanding into all aspects of your dog's behaviour to help best direct you with the correct approach. I also liked that there were multiple approaches we could take to get improvement. I highly recommend Tim to anyone for any level of help!


We can’t recommend Tim at Diverse Dogs enough! Tim is not just an expert dog trainer; he's an inspiring and insightful facilitator of the human-dog connection. His philosophies on leadership, energy, advocating for your dog, and fostering a strong bond are truly eye-opening. He taught us how to strengthen our relationships with our four-legged fur family members in the best possible way. If you want more than just a dog trainer and to truly understand and strengthen your relationship with your dog, Tim is the person to turn to. Thank you, Tim!


Our life has absolutely changed since we began our training journey. We now have the tools and training to have a happy life with Texas and no longer have the fear or anxiety. I feel like we’ve finally got the dog we always wanted, and that’s all thanks to Tim, and maybe me partly committing to the training! I only wish we started the training sooner


Diverse Dogs Training, led by the friendly and knowledgeable owner/trainer Tim, was a fantastic experience! Tim's expertise and personable approach made the training sessions enjoyable and effective. The best part was that the training took place right at my house, providing a comfortable and familiar setting for my dog's learning journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Diverse Dogs Training to anyone seeking top-notch, personalised training for their fur babies!


I would highly recommend anyone wanting to connect more deeply with their dog to contact Tim from Diverse Dogs. My 6 month old Cavalier Molly and I have recently completed the 5 week Foundation Obedience course and learnt so much!! I now understand how to connect on a more positive level with Molly and love seeing how she pays more attention to me when we are out walking.


Tim's group obedience course is absolutely priceless! I couldn't recommend it more. We have learned so much about our 1 year old border collie, why she behaves in certain ways, & how to become a better leader. We found the obedience skills extremely valuable for our playful, smart and energetic dog. Each week you are taught the foundations with new challenges as your progress. Tim also provides fun activities that increase engagement and connection with your dog. I also loved the holistic approach he had to the training. I will definitely be signing up to more training in the future. Thanks Tim! Renata, Justin & Rosie 🐶


It has been a pleasure working with Tim. During the consultation Tim spent the time understanding my dogs including their routine and commands and listened to my concerns. Tim was extremely flexible and developed a training plan to suit my needs, particularly as I live in rural Queensland. I highly recommend Diverse Dogs as Tim’s professionalism, passion and knowledge is second to none. Thank you for helping me with my dogs Tim!


Working with Tim has been amazing. His knowledge and genuine care has helped me better understand how Gracie learns and interacts with me. This has set me up really well to train and support Gracie in becoming gentle and well balanced for our long term goal of becoming a therapy dog. Tim’s delivers the information in understandable and easily replicable terms. I can’t recommend him enough.


I would highly recommend Tim from diverse dogs for any dog training needs. Our German Shepard has been working with Tim for a couple of months and he has come such a long way. We have been working on dog reactivity after Bear was attacked by two dogs in our backyard. We have also been working on basic training and manners (especially jumping).


We have just finished a 5 week reactive course with Diverse Dogs. Our Rottweiler Bella is great with people but a handful around other dogs. Tim has been fantastic teaching us how to handle her and make her calm in what normally for her is a stressful situation. The improvement has been amazing and he has given us the tools to take away and we are looking forward to even more progress with her. We highly recommend Tim and Diverse Dog Training.


Tim is an incredible trainer, the knowledge and experience he has is proven in each session. We had Tim come in for private one on one training sessions for our puppy Sunday, and over the last 5 weeks we have seen a vast improvement with our girl - from your simple commands in one session alone, to more complex commands, recall/focus and now loose lead walking. i would highly recommend Tim, and we will continue to use him for the continual growth of our girl!


Tim has worked wonders with my dog, both one on one and in a group class. After trying so many other trainers beforehand with no success, Tim has achieved amazing results with his techniques, which has strengthened my relationship with my dog and made us both much happier. Wish I had known about him from the start! 12/10 recommend


Tim offers such incredible science backed and proven training! After our first season my cheeky puppy is already so receptive to what we have been learnt! Would recommend Tim and the team at Diverse Dogs to anyone!


I would definitely recommend Diverse Dogs. I have worked with Tim in training my 2 German Shepherds. The older one, Simba has leash reactivity and we have introduced clicker training to build engagement and focus. The younger one, Nala is hyper-vigilant away from home so we are building on her confidence with her daily food rations. We still have a few training sessions to go but both of them have already improved immensely.


10/10 recommend. From the moment I met Tim, you could tell he was not only incredibly knowledgeable but also very passionate about what he does. I engaged Tim to help me train my 12 week old beagle puppy and in only one session I have noticed a difference. I am very keen to put everything I learnt into practice and will definitely be having follow up sessions. I really recommend Tim, and he gives you a great understanding of what your dog thinks, how he or she learns and how to optimise yourself as a trainer and leader. Definitely see Tim if you want a confident, well rounded, obedient and respectful pooch!

Marissa Rose Customer

Tim has been working with Buckley and I for about a month now. Buckley is already a different dog. I still have a long way to go but Tim has really taught me the foundations I needed so that Bucks and I can communicate properly and spend more time together out and about. Thanks mate.


Tim helped our family through a very challenging situation with one of our dogs. We were having to face the prospect of rehoming her, which was absolutely breaking ours hearts. Tim’s ad on our local FB community page came up at exactly the right time & I knew I had to contact him. Right from the very first phone call I felt so much trust & confidence in Tim, & after our first session he gave us so much hope & relief that we would be able to keep our girl. We completed a 4 week training program & in that time Tim managed to help us completely change the dynamics in our home & give us the tools we need to continue on. Tim has wonderful communication, is punctual, friendly, knows his stuff & is VERY good at what he does. Cannot recommend him highly enough!


I’m so grateful for Tim’s help with our Rocco. We feel much more confident in how to settle our anxious rescue dog! Walking is also much easier - I never thought we’d be loose leash walking! Thanks Tim


I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. We engaged him first for a training package and then a board and stay package and the difference in our pups obedience and leash work was phenomenal. Tim has such an amazing way with how he interacts with his furry clients (and their crazy owners) - his patience, knowledge and honesty were so incredibly appreciated. We will be forever grateful for his assistance and guidance.