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Dog Walking Services

Our unique dog walking services offer two distinct options tailored to meet the diverse needs of your canine companion: The Pack Walk and Train, and the Private Walk and Train.
For the adventurous and socially inclined pups, our Pack Walk and Train is the perfect fit. Led by a seasoned professional dog trainer with over 15 years of industry experience, this service accommodates up to four (4) dogs per outing. We steer clear of fenced-in dog parks, opting instead for off-leash beaches and sprawling parklands where your dog can truly thrive. Unlike traditional group walks, where dogs may pick up undesirable habits, we prioritize individualized attention and behavior guidance. Each walk is an opportunity for genetic enrichment and behavioral shaping, with hands-on training integrated seamlessly into the outing. Whether on leash, long line, or off leash, we expertly manage your dog's journey towards off-leash freedom while reinforcing positive social interactions and reliable recalls. At just $40 per walk, with a complimentary session offered with every loyalty pack of 10 walks, our Pack Walk and Train promises a fulfilling and enriching experience for your beloved companion. Contact us now to get started.

Private Walk & Train

For dogs in need of extra attention or those who thrive in one-on-one settings, our Private Walk and Train is the ideal solution. Whether you would just prefer your dog to have our full attention or they struggle with reactivity, or other more difficult behaviour issues, our professional trainers are here to help. These personalised outings are just $80 per 45min session and can be booked individually or as part of a loyalty pack, with an added free session included in each pack. By combining private walks with our private coaching packages, we can also prioritise your dog's learning and comfort, setting clear expectations before transitioning to owner coaching. This holistic approach ensures a stress-free and effective learning experience for both dog and owner alike. The Diverse Dogs Walk and Train Service provides busy pet owners with a unique and professional training experience that centres around your dog's needs. At Diverse Dogs, we don't just walk dogs — we empower them to become their best selves.

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